A Curriculum Vitae is a very important document that gives the employer all the information that they need about you to see if you are the right candidate for a job that you are applying for.

It is the first impression that you give the employer so you must make sure it is professional and gives all the necessary information they need.

Your CV will need the following content.

1.  A professional head shot photo of yourself


2. Personal details

  • Name and Surname
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Race
  • ID number
  • Personal contact details (email, cell phone number etc.)
  • Hobbies

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3. Qualifications

  • Start with your most recent qualifications (your degree etc.) and work your way back to your last qualification.
  • Only work back to High school and not further.
  • Include everything where you also may have been put in a leadership position or achieved something of significance.
  • Attach your degree, matric certificate and a certified copy of your ID at the back of your CV.


4. Work experience

  • State all your previous jobs here (Order from most recent).
  • Also say how you contributed to the job and what your role was.


5. References

  • Put the names and contact details of any previous employers that can recommend you to the next employer
  • Or lecturers and teachers.


Make sure your CV isn’t too long and has no spelling and grammar errors.

Remember the employer doesn’t always have loads of time on their hands to properly look through your CV, make sure it doesn’t have any unnecessary information on that they might not be interested in.

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