Considering the fact that you clicked the link to read this particular article shows that you are in a bit of trouble

All hope isn’t lost though, you have luckily stumbled upon the right article to help you prepare for that test you’ve been trying to avoid.

Now this is definitely not a quick fix to help you pass your test, but these pointers might just help you in your desperate time of need.

1.Go through previous years’ tests.

Going through other papers are a great way of learning.

They prepare you for the way the questions are going to be asked in your test and give you a good idea of what work is important.

2.Focus on the right work.

Find out what work is important to learn for the test and focus all of your energy into that.

There’s no point in wasting your time on the wrong work.

3.Get a study buddy.

Having a study buddy  with you makes it easier to stay up late and work together.

You can also explain the work to each other if one of you doesn’t understand.

4.Repeat the work as much as you can.

Repeating the work just sinks the work deeper into your brain and improves your chances of remembering it.

5.Put away all electronic devices

Don’t study with your cellphone or any electronic device in sight.

Even the notification light can be a huge distraction.

6.Get a social media blocker on your computer.

Sometimes it is just physically impossible to avoid using your computer due to the fact that some of your work is on there.

The only solution to keep you from going on social media sites every 5 mins is to add a social media blocker to your browser. Try this one if you use google chrome.

7.Actually do the work, don’t just look at it.

I bet you probably have loads of exercises to do.

Don’t just look at the solutions, actually do them! Doing them will help you remember when you are in the test.

8.Don’t pull an all nighter, get sleep!

Your brain needs to rest to remember all the things you just learned, so do yourself a favour and get  some rest in.

9.Go through your work the next morning.

Your work is sitting in your short term memory after only one night of studying.

Just refresh your mind a bit by going through all your work again.

Good luck with those tests!


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