Students are undoubtedly the most interesting species on the planet.

They have developed this remarkable  coping mechanism through out the years to cope with the realities of life.

They have learned the skill to lie so convincingly that they even fool themselves.

These are some of the lies they tell each morning that never come true.

  • “Today I’m Going To Gym My Ass Off.”

    More like, I’m gonna Netflix and chill my ass off. Those series aren’t gonna watch themselves brah.



  • “I’m going to wake up early AF Today.”

*Wakes up at 11 am* “Shit, ow well I’ll wake up early tomorrow then” *Goes back to sleep* (45).gif


  • “That Test Isn’t So Much Work, I’ll Definitely Be Able To Study It All In 1 Day.”

Looking at your work and realizing you are screwed. (48).gif

  • “Let’s Quit Smoking,It Can’t Be That Hard.”

*Sees friend smoking* Well I can’t let them smoke alone that’s just rude. (46).gif

  • “I’m Going To Go To All My Classes Today.”

Ah man I’m 2 min late, I’ll just do self study. (49).gif

  • “I’m Only Going To Play 1 Dota Game.”

“GG noobs, GG….” (54).gif

  • “I’ll Definitely remember That, No Need To Write It Down.”

*Writes test* “I’ve never seen this shit in my life before”. (50).gif

  • “I’m Never Drinking Again.”

Honestly, you know you’re gonna do it again. (47).gif

  • “This Is Going To Be My Last Cheat-meal.”

Let’s go get the pizza special tomorrow. (51).gif

  • “I’m Not Going To Judge Any Basic Bitches Today.”

Nope, not gonna do it today….nope….nope….FFS Catherine ┬ádon’t you want to wear a smaller skirt. (52).gif

  • “Just 5 More Minutes, I’ll Definitely Wake Up In Time.”

    3 Days later…… (53).gif


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