FNB Varsity Cup presented by Steinhoff International  was launched in 2008 and features all of the elite university teams in South Africa to compete for the rugby title.

The tournament brings together thousands of students each year and unites universities to “Back Their Boytjies”.

Celebrating 10 years of fast paced, hard hitting and nail biting Varsity Cup rugby.

We at Varsity Trends decided to give tribute to the great student rugby tournament by giving 10 Reasons Why We Think Varsity Cup Rugby Rocks!


  1. The ‘Lekker’ Vibe.

At each varsity rugby match there is an atmosphere of pure energy and excitement  hanging in the crowd.

All of the supporters bring their A-game and arrive in huge numbers to support their teams, ready for the action, bringing their banners and their voices to lift their team over the try line.

Standing in these varsity rugby crowds gives you a “lekker” vibe!


Photo @varsitycupsa

  1. The Awesome Giveaways And Half Time Games.

There are many crazy games for supporters to participate in at the half time show to keep them engaged and entertained.

The prizes are really worth while and the games are an absolute “jol”!

The games include the Steers “Build a Burger” and theFNB & Steinhoff Fans That Rock” competitions.

The Steers “Build a Burger” competition, two contestants dressed as twins must build a massive burger under a certain time to win the prize of Wacky Wednesday burgers for a month. For more info check out Varsity Cup Build a Burger

FNB & Steinhoff Fans That Rock” is the biggest competition of the night, they choose 5 of the best dressed supporters of the night to kick a ball into a box created on the field to win a huge amout of R 2 500! For more info check out Varsity Cup Fans That Rock


Photo @varsitycupsa


  1. Miss Varsity Cup!

Each year the tournament crowns a beautiful young lady as Miss Varsity Cup.

It is an awesome opportunity  for the ladies competing to act as an ambassador for their universities and the brand Varsity Cup.

The competition sets a great platform for the ladies and gives them good exposure.


Photo @varsitycupsa


  1. Quality Running Rugby.

Varsity rugby encourages the great running aspect of rugby by implementing rules to give the players motivation to try and test their skill with ball in hand.

If the players score tries from within their own half they get rewarded with bonus points, but it’s not only the players that get rewarded, the spectators get rewarded with great entertaining rugby !


Photo @varsitycupsa


  1. Helps Develop The Future Of South African Rugby.

This is where South African rugby legends are born.

The standard of rugby is high in this tight competition. The players have to give their all and put in brutal training hours in their already jam packed schedules.

Varsity rugby opens up many doors to provincial and national sides to the players that shine.


Photo @varsitycupsa


  1. Brings Students Together.

Students come together to support their universities.

Students that never knew each other will come together to “Back Their Boytjies” and stand united as a unit.



Photo @varsitycupsa


  1. The Crazy Supporters.

The supporters really do go all out by making funny banners and dressing up hilariously.

It all contributes to the “lekker” vibe.


Photo @varsitycupsa


  1. After Parties!

After every victory comes big celebrations.

Monday blues is a thing of the past, you can always count on a victory after party when your team wins their hard fought match  against the opposing team.


Photo @varsitycupsa


  1. Leaves Behind Memories That Lasts A Lifetime.

Student years are the years we will always remember and with Varsity Cup there is never a dull moment while supporting your team with your friends.

It is truly a remarkable experience to watch each and every one of these games and will definitely leave the players and supporters with lasting memories.



Photo @varsitycupsa