Winter has come and gone and you are in desperate need of dropping those extra kg’s you gained. We all know the feeling of getting that panic attack that summer is right around the corner and your body just isn’t ready to be stripped and shown to the world.

Well,these tips have certainly worked for me in the past and I hope it will help you sculpt your body so you can feel/look good and confident in your skin.

  1. Stick to a diet plan where you eat 6 times daily.

Your diet is absolutely the most important tool you will need to perfect your summer body, but often it is the tool we neglect the most and pay the least attention to.

I am telling you straight up If you can control your diet and control yourself to stick to a recommended diet plan with sufficient protein, carbohydrates and fat intake you will already see results without hitting the gym.


I can’t emphasize more on how important your diet is, just try for once to really stick to a diet and commit to it, but not one of those diets were you starve yourself to death. There is a reason the internet is flooded with diet plans that encourage you to eat six meals per day. It is because they work! The reason is to promote muscle growth and to encourage fat loss, eating regularly increases your metabolism which enables you to burn more calories.


Go ahead and get yourself a diet plan (on the internet is fine) and stick to it!


  • Get the right amount of protein intake

Guys let’s be honest one protein shake a day isn’t going to cut it if you want to gain lean muscle mass, and ladies you aren’t going to get your dream body if you don’t use protein correctly. Protein is really important and without it you just won’t see your progress like you should.


Stick to your appropriate diets whether it is for fat loss or gaining muscle, but have a look on the internet for a protein intake calculator to help you consume sufficient amounts of protein to achieve your goals.



  • Less drinking

Drinks contain a lot of calories and do not help your progress at all. I know it is tough to give up partying, but rather option for a whiskey and water instead of a lager draught or brandy and water instead of mixing it with a soft drink. Ladies rather try vodka mixed with water instead of a cocktail.


  1. What you see on the scale isn’t always what you see in the mirror.

It has happened so many times that people obsess about the number on the scale. This is one of the biggest mistakes that people make, especially the ladies. They get caught up so much about a number on a scale that it will steer you away from your diet and eventually your goals.

The number you see isn’t in direct comparison on how you are physically looking.

Ladies you can look amazing and fit on 60 kg’s, but look less toned and look like you need a lot of work in the gym at 55 kg’s. Muscle weighs more than fat and that is why you are getting heavier, you are toning more and losing more of that fat you desire so much to lose.

Guys the same counts for you if you are at 75kg’s you can look ripped, but at 80kg’s you might look a lot bulkier but less toned.

Trust your diet and workout plan and stick to it.


  1. High Intensity Interval Training

Don’t go running endlessly on a treadmill or cycle at the same pace, get your heart rate up and get your metabolism going! High intensity interval training is where you give it your all for let’s say 30 secs and then you jog for 10 secs and repeat for 10mins. The same accounts for any cardio exercise. As your fitness level increases, increase your time sprinting flat out or change the entire duration of the exercise.

I am not going to lie, high intensity interval training takes some mental endurance, after each minute you are going to be begging to stop. Push through and keep your goals in sight!


  1. Compound Exercises burn more fat and help grow muscle.

Compound exercises are exercises that use more than one muscle to perform e.g.

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Deadlifts
  • bench press
  • bent over rows etc.

Use correct form when performing these exercises to prevent injury. (If you don’t know how to perform these just check on the internet.)

These exercises are important, because they use more than one muscle group to perform. If more muscles are working your body will burn more calories, to use those muscles, which will lead to an increase in metabolism and help you lose some more weight.

  1. Get in the sun

Don’t go about and be reckless, the sun can be harmful to your skin, but the right amount of sun can give you vitamin D and help you feel and look healthier. Go outside a little!

  1. Get enough sleep!

Remember your body has to recover. You are going to feel drained mentally and physically after an intense training session you are going to need your sleep.


Good luck with your fitness goals, always keep pushing through. Remember with hard work and dedication anything is possible.